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WW2 vehicles

WW2 vehicles

At the end of my cycle vacation, as I was waiting in Harwich to board the ferry back to The Netherlands, there was a small army of old World War 2 vehicles also waiting to go to the Netherlands. They were going to Arnhem for the 70 year anniversary of the battle of Arnhem. Not a typical freight for this ferry. It made the wait much better.

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Deer at Richmond Park

Deer at Richmond Park

After cycling along the Themes for 27 kilometers I rode through Richmond Park, a park/forest/nature reserve near London. The weather was very good, so in the middle of the park I stopped and sat in a field, eating lunch and reading.

After a few minutes I heard something move behind me. When I turned around there was a large deer a few meters away from me. I looked around and saw more deer all around me. I stood up slowly and got my camera from my bicycle bags. I got some nice shots of them. They basically ignored me and slowly walked passed while grazing.

After they passed I finished my lunch and rode on. At the exit to the park there was a sign. On it was a warning not to get too close to the deer, because they can feel threatened and attack. A bit hard when they surround you, but apparently they didn't think I was a threat.

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Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

During my cycle vacation I spend a day in Portsmouth and visitted the Historic Dockyard. I'd read you could easilly spent an entire day there. I did have a backup outing, but I didn't need it. I walked from ship to ship and museum to museum from 10:00 until 17:30.

The morning started grey, but dry. I started by going on the HMS Warrior, the first British dating back to 1860. This ship has sails as well as a steamengine.

After that I went on a boat tour through the harbour, including the modern marine base. We also had a beautiful view of Portsmouth and of the Spinnaker Tower, which was meant to be a millennium building, but wasn't finished until 2009 (for 10x the costs).

Following the tour I went on the HMS Victory, Nelson's ship during the battle of Trafalgar. The ship where he died during the battle.

After this I went to the Navy Museum and the Mary Rose Museum. The Mary Rose is an old ship which was raised from the bottom of the sea in 1982. Ever since they've been busy conserving the old wood using chemicals and special air. They build a museum around it where you can walk from deck to deck and see items and stories of the members of the crew.

I ended the day there with the HMS Alliance and the Submarine museum on the other side of the harbour. The HMS Alliance is a submarine dating back to the second World War. In it old submarine crewmembers showed us around and told us stories about their time in  their submarines.

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